A soft, smooth and super-clean silicone teething toy that gently massages your baby’s gums.

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Why Choose Toofy?

Toofy is an ergonomically designed teething toy that offers the comfort of full gum coverage, the convenience of a clip-on strap and the superior cleanliness of a UVC-LED case for disinfecting.


Toofy has been ergonomically designed to provide full coverage of top and bottom gums. Made with squishy and soft textured silicone, while being shaped for soothing gum massage to provide ultimate teething relief.


Made of food grade, FDA approved, anti-microbial silicone for the ultimate safety of your little one. Comes with a UVC-LED case for easy disinfecting and sterilization. Additionally, our lanyard and clip securely attaches Toofy to baby’s clothing, keeping your teether off dirty surfaces.


Toofy is dishwasher safe and travel friendly, with the inbuilt rattle and cute design made to stimulate and entertain for hours. Our Portable UV-C Sterilization case is perfect for cleaning on the go.

Better Sleep Comes Down to Simple Science…

What Our Customers Say

Toofy Sanitiser = a MUST HAVE for Mums!

"The Toofy Sanitiser is a MUST-HAVE for new Mums. Keeps both the teether and the dummy clean from drops on the ground. It's portable, and easily fits in any bag for cleaning on the go!"

Debra W.

My Daughter LOVES Toofy!

"I bought Toofy and the UVC case together, and they work so great together. When my daughter drops the toofy teether, I can easily place it in the portable steriliser for 60 seconds, and all the germs & nasties are gone!"

Jessica R.

The Perfect Gift!!

Comes beautifully packaged, and bubbas seem to love it! Also can't get over how cute Toofy is - definitely will be buying more as baby showers and birthday gifts

Helen G.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean Toofy?

The UVC-LED case is perfect for convenient disinfecting. When it’s time for a wash you can give it a once-over with hot soapy water or just pop it in the dishwasher!

Is Toofy non-toxic?

Absolutely! Rest assured that your child will not come into contact with any nasties while soothing sore gums with Toofy. Silicone will also not absorb odours or enable the growth of bacteria and mould like other toys.

Does the steriliser case kill all bacteria?

Toofy is the only teether on the market that comes with a portable UV-C LED case that can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. You can use the case to sterilise cutlery, pacifiers or anything else that fits inside!

Is silicone safe for babies to chew on?

Yes. Toofy is made of food-grade silicone that is free from potentially dangerous liquids, paint and plastic. The smooth and curved design not only covers the top and bottom gums, but it also means that there is nothing that could potentially injure your child.

Does Toofy contain BPA?

Toofy does not contain BPA, PVC, cadmium, Phthalate, latex, lead or other potentially harmful materials.

Does Toofy require assembly?

Toofy is a single solid piece of silicone that requires no assembly. We made sure that there were no small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

How is Toofy attached to baby clothing?

Toofy features a safety strap with a clip that can be fastened onto clothing. The strap does not have a loop, so that it will stay close to your bub at all times, without the risk of it tightly squeezing any part of them.

What’s inside our Toofy?

Toofy has an in-built sensory rattle that creates an entertaining sound, so little ones will remain amused while they give their gums some much-needed comfort.

How does Toofy taste?

Toofy is odourless and tasteless(yes we tried it!) and the best part is – it stays that way because it doesn’t support mould or bacteria growth.

Does Toofy come in different designs?

The original Toofy has been carefully designed to combine all the specific characteristics (colour, shape, features) proven by scientists to be appealing and engaging to infants, as well as able to achieve maximum ergonomic comfort and soothing effect. We plan on adding to the product range to meet customer feedback – so stay in touch and stay tuned!

Safe + FDA Approved
Loved by Bubbas
2-in-1 Sensory Stimulation
Germ Free
The Proof is in the Tooth!