About Us

Feeding is a real pain for both babies and parents, so you would do anything to soothe your bub’s discomfort when you see (and hear) those tears of frustration. We spoke to parents about the difficulty of heating their baby’s milk when out and about - usually made more stressful by a hungry baby screaming at the top of their lungs!

That’s why we decided to create a portable milk warming device to give parents peace of mind knowing they can perfectly warm milk whenever and where they need it - whether you’re travelling, at home or simply heading to the shops. 

We learnt that: overheating milk using microwaves or boiling water can result in losing essential nutrients, fats and proteins that are needed for healthy development. With our Gentle Heating Technology, our Portable Bottle Warmer evenly heats and retains all the essential nutrients so you can give your baby the nourishing milk they need. 

Toofy provides clean, convenient and oh so cute feeding and teething products that make your life easier and your baby happier. We are proud to be the only bottle warmer brand on the market that also offers a portable UVC-LED case that enables parents to disinfect on-the-go. Above all, we absolutely love hearing from satisfied parents and seeing the images of their smiling Toofy tots.